yunny wong

I am an environment concept artist that also enjoys doing cute illustrations & character work.Interests: Stylized, colourful works.
I am flexible in most styles and is very adaptable. My final goal is to always make something fun, inspiring and memorable. I hope to have many opportunities to do so regardless of scale.
Languages: English, Chinese, Malay, Japanese.
Country: Malaysia
2019 Graduated Glasgow School of Art (BA Architecture)
2022 Feng Zhu Design School (Industrial Design Diploma).
Work Experience:
2022 Did Concept Art for OfflineTV x McDonald's Twitchcon booth.
2022 - Current Working at AstralShift Pro as an environment concept artist and also general artist for the project Little Goody Two Shoes and Pocket Mirror Remake.


Concept Art

For a more in depth view at my concept art portfolio please head over to my Artstation.

Background Work

Live2D models




✧ Prices below are just for reference, the personalized quote may differ depending on your request.
✧ For Commercial Commissions, please email [email protected]!
✧ I offer many types of commissions such as character design sheets, merchandise (such as charms or stickers), illustrations with full backgrounds, background concept art, streaming assets (backgrounds, overlays etc) and more and is willing to work with your ideas. Feel free to email me to discuss.
For International, Paypal or WISE only, if you are Malaysian, local banking is available.Every interaction will be done via E-mail. I might miss DMs on Twitter so please E-mail me if possible.Email: [email protected]
Please at least have the word "Commission" in your subject. I will reply you within 2 business days.

design sheet

Character DesignIncludes Front & Back view Base Price   $300.00 USD


 Head Shot   $80.00 USD Half Body   $150.00 USD Full Body   $200.00 USD


Character with Background Half Body   $250.00 USD Full Body   $350.00 USD


Model Art prepared for Rigging Half Body   $600.00 USD Full Body   $800.00 USD


Streaming BackgroundPlease Refer to link belowClick Here

✧ All Prices are only base price and will increase if the characters are complex or there are other requirements.


My preferred contact is via Email but feel free to contact me with any methods below.Please do contact me about my commission status, I will let you know my schedule and if you let me know your deadlines, we can work around it. I am also open to job opportunities.Thank you for reading through my Carrd.